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35. Int. Liechtensteiner Jugendturnier, Klasse U10

Last update 25.08.2019 12:16:25, Creator/Last Upload: dominik wolfinger

Starting rank

1Paholok AdamSUI1515Zürich chess4kids
2Schellenberg PascalSUI1443Schachclub Pfäffikon ZH
3Heron Steve12000221LIE1409Triesen Sc
4Marxer Constantin12000248LIE1292Triesen Sc
5Raffaele Luca12000230LIE1224Triesen Sc
6Kinsey LucasSUI1200Schachclub Markus Regez
7Malkhasyan GoharSUI1141Zürich Wollishofen
8Bratu IlincaGER0Sg Schwabing München Nord E.V.
9Jahiu FlorianLIE0Triesen Sc