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3rd BSSZ-Aranytiz IM

Last update 14.08.2019 21:52:24, Creator/Last Upload: tamas gyomber

Starting rank list of players

1FMPersanyi Barnabas771279HUN2399
2FMMaerevoet Sim241725BEL2321
3WIMLuong Phuong Hanh12401013VIE2313
4IMMartic Zlatko14500850CRO2284
5WIMHavanecz Bianka704814HUN2281
6IMNemeth Zoltan700657HUN2275
7FMHamblok Roel209317BEL2261
8FMUrhegyi Marton740411HUN2256
9IMFarago Sandor701190HUN2211
10WIMJuhasz Barbara743585HUN2157