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CXLI Torneo Area 5 Colegio San Pedro Nolasco Quillota - SUB 18

Last update 05.08.2019 04:31:06, Creator/Last Upload: federacion nacional de ajedrez de chile

Starting rank

1MESSINA ALVARADO Paolo3451097CHI1323Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
2ARAYA VERGARA MatiasCHI1294Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
3ARAVENA CABIB MatiasCHI1164Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
4PEREZ ROJAS JorgeCHI1404San Pedro Nolasco Quillota
5OLIVARES CORTES Leandro3428311CHI1235Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
6VALENCIA CASTAÑEDA JuanCHI1196Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
7MADRIAZA ANDRADE AxelCHI1104Liceo Tecnologico Villa Alemana
8PONCE FERNANDEZ EvaCHI984Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
9MALDONADO LEIVA IgnaciaCHI1049Adonay Pukalan
10ABARCA ESPINOSA CristianCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
11ARAVENA CUBILLOS PaulaCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
12CATALDO VILLALOBOS EmmanuelCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
13FREDES ALVAREZ MartinCHI0Colegio Valle De Quillota
14GARCIA VALENCIA FelipeCHI1124Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
15JARA CAMUS GiovanniCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
16LOPEZ NEIRA BenjaminCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
17ORELLANA PEREZ JoanCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
18PEREZ ROJAS Valentina3452867CHI0San Pedro Nolasco Quillota
19PEÑA GOMEZ PriscillaCHI0Colegio Valle De Quillota
20PONCE FERNANDEZ AnnetteCHI926Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
22RODRIGUEZ HIDALGO JavierCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
23ROJAS AVILA JorgeCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
24SALAZAR YAÑEZ ArielCHI0Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
25SANTANDER REINOSO JeremyCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
26SERRANO CUAURO IsaacCHI0Liceo Bicentenario Mary Graham
27SOTO LASTRA AlexanderCHI0Colegio Ingles De Quillota
28TORRES CALDERON EmersonCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
29VERGARA POBLETE PabloCHI0Colegio Adonay Pukalan
30VIELMA LEMUS MatiasCHI0Colegio Valle De Quillota
31YAÑEZ CISTERNAS IsidoraCHI0Colegio Becarb Ii
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