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Campeonato Nacional Juvenil Sub 20 Femenil Monterrey 2019.

Last update 05.08.2019 01:23:01, Creator/Last Upload: eduardo aguilar monterrosas

Starting rank

1Ramirez Toledo Ayleen Maribel5127459MEX1841wBcs
2WCMSalas Estrada Ana Paola5128889MEX1526wChh
3WCMSalas Estrada Ana Valeria5127475MEX1712wChh
4Guevara Flores Yessica Rebeca5128862MEX1600wPue
5Laurrabaquio Ramirez Itzel5128870MEX1502wCdm
6Guerrero Sanchez Ana Sofia5119448MEX1476wCoa
7Gomez Santiago Ariadna5135150MEX0wOax
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