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4th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship G10 Rapid

Last update 07.08.2019 11:45:05, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Starting rank

1Chen Yufei5824559SGP0
2Prushotman Vissnupriya5739314MAS1106
3Magpily Franiel Angela5248221PHI0
4Ke Yanqing5828937SGP0
5Teerawuttiudom Bhiraya6207278THA0
6Choomwattana Patnarin6207294THA1148
7Alifan1 Aura Cahyati7117477INA1162
8Urangoo Gurvanbaatar4919114MGL1164
9Vera Cruz Mheckhaikah5252148PHI0
10Quek Zi Le Aleenta5822726SGP1042