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Kejuaraan Cabor Catur PORSENIBUD DLH 2019 CPNS/PNS

Last update 02.08.2019 11:58:08, Creator/Last Upload: garuda chess

Starting rank

1Santoso Tri YuliantoINA0Sudin LH Jakbar
2RosyidINA0Sudin LH Jakbar
3Bahri MuslimINA0UPST
4Abdul MalikINA0UPST
5Zeplin SinagaINA0UPST
6SaraINA0Sudin LH Jakbar
7SyamsudinINA0Sudin LH Jakbar
8Nanang Arif RidwanINA0UPST
10Leo Tantino Ds, S.SosINA0UPK Badan Air
11HermawanINA0UPK Badan Air
12Sabar GultomINA0UPK Badan Air
13MastariINA0UPK Badan Air
14Rohmat, S.APINA0UPK Badan air
15SahabudinINA0Sudin LH Jaktim
16NasrudinINA0Sudin LH Jaktim
17DarmayantoINA0Sudin LH Jaktim
18DirhamsyahINA0Dinas LH (A)
19Rahmat MulyadiINA0Dinas LH (A)
20SamsuriINA0Sudin LH Jakbar
21Rianto NaibahoINA0Dinas LH (A)
22M. ChusaeriINA0Dinas LH (A)
23DiraINA0Dinas LH (A)
24MatanihINA0Dinas LH (B)
25Binsar SiregarINA0Dinas LH (B)
26Dermawan SembiringINA0Dinas LH (B)
27Alexius LeoINA0Dinas LH (B)
28SunaryaINA0Dinas LH (B)
29Budiharto NababanINA0Sudin LH Jakut
30Sandi RetnoINA0Sudin LH Jakut
31Mahlik sandarINA0Sudin LH Jakut
32BurhanudinINA0Sudin LH Jakut
33Mathew MusaINA0Sudin LH Jakut
34SuwartoINA0Sudin LH Jakpus
35WahyuINA0Sudin LH Jakpus
36Vincen SeranINA0Sudin Pulau seribu
37SukamtoINA0Sudin pulau seribu
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