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2nd Blitz Tournament KORI TRIKALON 2019-A GROUP

Last update 08.08.2019 11:44:10, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Minas Ioannis4251857GRE2049
2Tsoumas Ilias4298144GRE1864
3Mantzanas Konstantinos4222253GRE1627
4Koutsioumpas Charalampos25853163GRE1525
5Tsiaras Fotios25821954GRE1512
6Gkiokas Charisis25854925GRE1377
7Tsiakmakis Christos25884310GRE1349
8Dereka Konstantina25837435GRE1339
9Karanasios Dimosthenis42108306GRE1329
10Michailidis Konstantinos25826859GRE1246
11Germanos Panagiotis25807382GRE1241
12Theodosiou Sotiria25853180GRE1155
13Tozarou Ifigenia25807650GRE1150
14Dardouma Zoi42119901GRE0