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National Junior Chess Championship 2019 U08 Open

Last update 07.08.2019 15:08:28, Creator/Last Upload: maldives chess federation

Starting rank

1Abdulla Naish NaifMDV0
2Abdulla Yuaan AuzamMDV0
3Ahmed Abaan MohamedMDV0
4Ahmed Anaal Abdulla UmarMDV0
5Ahmed Azaan Abdul RaheemMDV0
6Alyaan Ahmed JameelMDV0
7Ashham Bin AhmedMDV0
8Dhaniyal Subhi IsmailMDV0
9Ibrahim Adyaan Mirshan HassanMDV0
10Ibrahim Migdhaam NazeemMDV0
11Mohamed Ashham ShujazMDV0
12Mohamed Kaish TholhathMDV0
13Mohamed Looth IsmailMDV0
14Mohamed Yuan IumazMDV0
15Muqsith Mohamed MahfoozMDV0
16Rayan Abdulla SaaidMDV0
17Ryan Mahir IbrahimMDV0
18Yahya Abdulla MohamedMDV0
19Yuaan Akhthar ZahirMDV0
20Yusuf Izan JinahMDV0
21Zawl Ahmed HassaanMDV0
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