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Torneo de Blitz en el Cuauhtemoc miercoles 30 de julio 2019

Last update 01.08.2019 05:39:28, Creator/Last Upload: asociación clubes cdmx

Starting rank

1Martinez Arazo Francisco J5138515MEX2343
2IMDominguez Aguilar Guillermo5105439MEX2310
3FMBenitez Lozano Javier5102472MEX2309
4FMVega Garcia Jorge Arturo5100453MEX2268
5De Anda Ramirez Luis Eduar5137667MEX2044
6Guzman Cruz Jesus A5121922MEX1997
7Baltazar Ibanez Diego5120586MEX1914
8Campuzano Parra Uriel5141869MEX1901
9Rosas Reyes Raul5102898MEX1842
10Ramos Cruz Francisco5130476MEX1815
11Rodriguez Flores Ulises5159776MEX1717
12Duran Ceron Andres5121477MEX1693
13Lazcano Gonzalez Jose Guadalupe5151180MEX1668
14Flores Visorio Jaime5145414MEX1571
15Bautista Morales Andres5152615MEX1433
16Bautista Teran Aaron Daniel5151023MEX0
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