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KERALA STATE RAPID GIRLS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 (U 10) More details- 9387726873

Last update 18.08.2019 13:38:47, Creator/Last Upload: petermaliakal

Starting rank

1Pournami S25732439IND1314
2Athira A J25761226IND1093
3Laxmi RakeshIND1082
4Niranjana NIND1037
5Ameena N K25162659IND1015
6Arya G MallerIND0
7Devanandha S RIND0
8Kalyani SirinIND0
9Lakshmi AjikumarIND0
10Liyana RahmaIND0
11Manha FathimaIND0
12Naja FathimaIND0
13Rudra R NairIND0
15Vygaprabha K A25925687IND0
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