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4th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship G16 & G18 Blitz

Ostatnia aktualizacja strony04.08.2019 08:21:26, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Lista startowa

1Magpily Francois Marie5216257PHI1864
2WFMElisabeth Christine7106165INA1843
3WFMDoroy Allaney Jia G5216729PHI1772
4Nguyen Thien Ngan12414816VIE1675
5WFMRasyid Nur Aini7108842INA1654
6WFMPark Sunwoo13203320KOR1629
7Vinuya Ruth Joy5224608PHI1624
8Perez Elah Sarelle5224594PHI1617
9Tang En Xin Esther5718996MAS1603
10San Diego Jerlyn Mae5213401PHI1599
11Villa Ma. Elayza5224292PHI1531
12Baclayon Me Ann Joy5216230PHI1516
13Cheong Sue Lyn5817820SGP1428
14Tuorila Nina6202152THA1409
15Dadoung Chanthanipa6207510THA1114
16Thon-em Dennapha6212409THA0