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4th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship G12 Blitz

Last update 03.08.2019 13:17:11, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Starting rank

1Purwanto Armenia Zendy7109768INA1683
2Claros April Joy5238447PHI1459
3Regidor Kaye Lalaine5229820PHI1455
4Ng Jia Shyen5735823MAS1392
5WCMPrommuang Araya6204996THA1388
6Canino Ruelle5220416PHI1315
7Liew Tze Chi5827230SGP1135
8Pang Kay Yan Eden5825229SGP1119
9WCMLi Joy Ching462462HKG1112
10Bootsumran Sirin6206654THA1109
11Punpuckdeekoon Matang6204708THA1103
12Khantree Napat6209289THA1005
13Tangsurakit Karnpitcha6211097THA0