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First Saturday GM August 2019

Last update 13.08.2019 23:53:06, Creator/Last Upload: sahovski savez vojvodine

Starting rank list of players

2GMAczel Gergely727709HUN2538
4GMBerczes David722960HUN2478
10GMIlincic Zlatko900346SRB2412
7FMMartinovici Ilie13907034MDA2405
8IMNguyen Van Thanh12402532VIE2396
1IMAkshat Khamparia5016541IND2393
5IMTiba Vladyslav14118823UKR2378
3GMFogarasi Tibor700363HUN2367
9FMColas Joshua2044447USA2285
6FMKumar Nikhil30909040USA2272