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4th Eastern Asia Youth Chess Championship U18

Last update 09.08.2019 07:17:54, Creator/Last Upload: sahapol nakvanich

Starting rank list of players

3Navaratnam Rohan Shan Tze5727413MAS2228
5Tarigan Gilbert Elroy7108133INA2171
2FMPangilinan Stephen Rome5211140PHI2153
6Labog Eric Jr.5235294PHI2032
8CMTran Dang Minh Quang12407925VIE2025
4Chinguun Otgonbayar4901860MGL1962
1Hee Wei Yang5808502SGP1823
7Kumaresan Nhavin5721342MAS1758
9Prayoonthamrongthiti Pisut6210686THA1392
10Ngamdeethae Wimutti6209300THA1287