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106th British Chess Championships Under 16

Last update 28.07.2019 14:46:05, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Salmons Calum437280ENG1898Sussex Juniors
2Guha Chirag1802968WLS1885Sutton Coldfield
3Rathbone-Jones Ifan1803859WLS1855Mold/Buckley
4Gurner Jem67600280JCI1851Jersey
5Sanitt Leo427470ENG1846Barnet Knights
6Phillips David455776ENG1822Cca
7Wenninger Maxim464554ENG1742Maidenhead
8Fraser Susanna1803921WLS1740North Cardiff
9Barlov Alex446602ENG1739Richmond Juniors
10Cowan Xavier458465ENG1667Ealing Juniors
11Patel Devan447889ENG1659Rushall
12Mcmullan EvanENG1630Newton Abbot
13Willoughby ChristopherENG1630Chelmsford
14Miller Max C438219ENG1562Northampton Juniors
15Mortimer OliverENG1337Newton Abbot
16Catabay Asci-KhelaENG1120Colchester Juniors
17Holland BradleyENG0Newton Abbot
18Paul AritraENG0None