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Thailand 960 Chess Championship 2019 Under 12

Last update 27.07.2019 12:36:46, Creator/Last Upload: by ia panupand vijjuprabha

Starting rank

1Calacday Jericho5219507PHI1351
2Chokthitirath Akararath6208720THA1138
3Punyanitya Jirath6207782THA1108
4Jiroajvanichakorn Rathasart6208924THA1082
5Titapiwatanakun Boonjertpan6209882THA1003
6Apichairojkul Pakawut6210031THA0
7Flett Shaun3243150AUS0
8Kaewpitakkun Pantham6211879THA0
9Phurailatpam Numit16303407TPE0
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