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Manchester Summer Chess Congress Open 2019

Last update 09.08.2019 17:22:17, Creator/Last Upload: manchester junior chess (license 2)

Starting rank

1GMGordon Stephen J411477ENG2514ncl 3cs
2IMMcphillips Joseph422487ENG236Bolton
3GMDavies Nigel R404420WLS235Tiger Chess
4IMClarke Brandon400319ENG226Wood Green
5FMMacklin Paul455865ENG217Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
6Han Yichen1054430NED215Forest Hall
7Surtees Mike J412619ENG197Great Lever
8Rawlinson Aidan M413496ENG196 Manchester Social Club
9Ellames Roy416215ENG189Lytham St Annes
10Taylor Robert K408450ENG184Syston
11Kay Lee P438014ENG182Atherton
12Lothian Robert2401835SCO182Bon Accord
13Rita Joao446572ENG1803Cs
14Klein Raimund4689046GER173Wilmslow
15Ye Kevin434957ENG1733Cs
16Mulligan Stephen404160ENG172Warrington Area
17Owen Dennis470830ENG172Urmston
18Bryant Richard Be407267ENG171Oswestry
19Vassiliou Chris5901316CYP171Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
20Robinson Adam442089ENG170Hackney
21Slinger Aj (Tony)422681ENG170Undercliffe
22Brencher Paul469084ENG169Shepherds
23Hilton Tim424226ENG169Blue Club (Oldham)
24Tyton Adam424676ENG169Bolton
25Vickery Jim E403083ENG169Alwoodley
26Bousbouras Spyridon4201701GRE168Greece
27Whitehead Mark A406716ENG167Rochdale
28Baxter Harry425141ENG165Alwoodley
29Ilett Raymond J414980ENG165New England
30Parry Sam A460397ENG152Cheddleton & Leek
31Hamilton Selwyn Ll424960ENG134Warley Quinborne