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Omladinsko prvenstvo Srbije - zensko

Last update 28.07.2019 13:39:18, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank list of players

9WFMOstojic Katarina958395SRB2164
10Vujcic Milena954748SRB1989
1WFMSrdanovic Jovana954810SRB1975
3Vukosavljevic Tatjana980013SRB1738
7Radulov Nevena956317SRB1737
5Stankovic Marija966169SRB1732
4Djordjevic Nevena954918SRB1716
2Dakic Marta990043SRB1680
8Ristic Mladjana974285SRB1664
6Dimitrijevic Andjela970425SRB1652
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