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Trofeul Micul Sahist Braila 1001

Last update 10.08.2019 12:16:53, Creator/Last Upload: jugaru lucian

Starting rank

1IVRadulescu Larisa-Stefania1273540ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
2FCAntohi AlexandraROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
3FCDima Eric-Andrei1287710ROU1001Cs Oxygen Bucuresti
4FCDocea Teodor-Ioan1296086ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
5FCDutu Radu-AndreiROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
6FCEne Ana-Maria1294431ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
7FCLipovenschi Antonio-Dorian1293532ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
8FCMihai Giani-AndreiROU1001Cs Fairplay Braila
9FCParlog Cristina1297830ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
10FCStamate Cristian1285645ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
11FCStefanita Sebastian-Mihai1296396ROU1001Cs Micul Print Braila
12Beldie RaymondoROU0Acs Sc. Gimn. Grivita
13Calin AncaROU0Acs Sc. Gimn. Grivita
14Calin NicoletaROU0Acs Sc. Gimn. Grivita
15Constandache IrinaROU0Acs Sc.Gimn. Grivita
16Constandache StefanROU0Acs Sc.Gimn. Grivita
17Dascalescu Adelin-StefanROU0Csm Focsani 2007
18Ghenea Elena-LoredanaROU0Acs Sc. Gimn. Grivita
19Iancu MateiROU0Cs Micul Print Braila
20Lungu GiuliaROU0Csm Focsani 2007
21Lupu OvidiuROU0Acs Sc. Gimn. Grivita
22Oprea Paul-AndreiROU0
23Pila Denis-IonutROU0Csm Focsani2007
24Pintrinjel SebastianROU0Cs Micul Print Braila
25Stanculeanu MihaiROU0Cs Micul Print Braila