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Open Tera-Sah - U10 editia a IV -a

Last update 31.08.2019 15:14:19, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 28)

Starting rank

1Enachi Daniela-Lorena1268937ROU1136wU10Css Targu Mures
2Lupse Ioan1272632ROU1073U10Csu Universitatea De Vest Timi
3IVButuza Stefan Aurelian1294466ROU1040U08Css Targu Mures
4IVFerentiu Mara-Ioana1277561ROU1038wU08Css Viitorul Cluj-Napoca
5IVHorvath-Szombathy Vilmos1281321ROU1037U10Css Targu Mures
6FCOlariu-Chilut Sofia1298020ROU1001wU08Css Targu Mures
7FCSzekely David-KristofROU1001U10Csm Medias
8FCTogan Tudor-StefanutROU1001U10Csm Medias
9Gaban MariaROU1001CSM Medias
10Mihaila MariaROU1001CSM Medias
11Onea AntoniaROU1001CSM Medias
12Salcudean Iulian CristianROU1001CSM Medias
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