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44-ти Международен турнир "Морско конче" 2019 - момичета до 10 г.

Last update 23.08.2019 10:57:16, Creator/Last Upload: 2903660 ilchev,dimitar ia c

Player info

NameKula Maria
Starting rank13
Rating national0
Rating international0
Performance rating1017
Club/CityЦСКА, София
Year of birth 2010


122Krasteva Yoana11141093BULЕлит, София6,0w 0
288Dieva Krasimira00BULПловдив 643,0s 1
3720Valentinova Eleonora00BULЦСКА, София3,0w 0
489Georgieva Ivayla00BULЦСКА, София2,5s ½
5912Kirilova Hristiyana00BULКазанлък 213,0w 1
6718Shipkova Kalina00BULКазанлък 213,0s 1
744Slaveva Eva10080BULАн Пасн, София4,5w 0
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