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4th Sivalingam Memorial District Level (Under- 9, 13 & Open) Chess Tournament at Namakkal on 01/09/2019 Con : Iyyeppan 94880 39199 (First 120 Entries only)

Last update 12.08.2019 15:23:03, Creator/Last Upload: namakkal aim chess academy

Starting rank

1Sibi Visal R46685588IND2118
2Anand J P35023993IND1587
3Vel Vishwanathan G M25038818IND1540
4Hemachandran M46685421IND1296
5Bharath M25746413IND1153
6Hem Harsanth B S25168592IND1050
7Sasmitha Sree B S25168789IND1017
8Gukan Raj S25171070IND0
9Moulish MIND0
10Rajaram SIND0