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126th Scottish Blitz

Last update 16.07.2019 00:58:00, Creator/Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 2)

Starting rank

1FMReimanis Ritvars11602988LAT2350
2Macqueen Calum2402270SCO2229
3Oswald David C2461285SCO2100
4Sanger Mark2406764SCO2077
5Kafka Graeme2401487SCO2069
6Mcclement Andrew2400480SCO2051
7Smith Peter R2404761SCO1972
8Walker Duncan2461692SCO1919
9AGMSkettos Nicolas5900670CYP1910
10Coates Sam2408147SCO1902
11Robinson Stephen2404184SCO1882
12Mcquillan Stephen G2406110SCO1865
13Han Yichen1054430NED1860
14Macconnell David J2407035SCO1804
15Montgomery James R2401860SCO1801
16Vorisek Jakub364355CZE1759
17Ley Polanco Chihon3444082CHI1716
18Hand JamieSCO1500
19Smith Sarah E2405539SCO1454
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