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TROFEUL CARPATI - Editia a V-a Turneul A - OPEN

Last update 22.08.2019 22:51:19, Creator: ionita mariana,Last Upload: echess

Player info

NameCojocaru George
Starting rank44
Rating national1352
Rating international1378
Performance rating1439
FIDE rtg +/-18,4
Club/CityAcs Satori Art Slobozia


11717IIBotea David-Alexandru17191726Cs Dinamo Bucuresti4,5w 0
22232ICoicev Matei-Andrei15171473Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest3,0s 0
32436ISandea Dorin-Gheorghe14741472Cm De Sah Alba Iulia1,0w 1
42230CMButolo Alexandru-Mircea15221593Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest3,5s ½
52035IIBusuioc Stelian-Marian14951495Acs M.M. Mihail Marin Bucurest3,0w ½
61926INicolae Dan-Stefan15421514Cs Universitar De Sah Bucurest3,0s 0
72031IIAndronache Sorin15201520Clubul De Sah Deva2,5s ½
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