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Torneo Oficial RAM de 2da Categoria - Mar del Plata 2019 - Valido al ELO FIDE - Federación Marplatense de Ajedrez -

Last update 23.08.2019 16:59:19, Creator/Last Upload: federación marplatense de ajedrez

Starting rank list of players

3Vizcay Pablo147753ARG1937
5Fabrizio Gustavo118940ARG1882
2Farace Daniel172855ARG1820
7Rossi Alejandro Oscar161411ARG1790
9Aristizabal Gaston164577ARG1742
10Ynoub Yamil182907ARG1729
1Olmos Cesar131024ARG1725
4Monte Luciano164631ARG1702
6Isaac Walter186813ARG1688
8Castillo Alberto Pedro186805ARG1398
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