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Mukachevo Rating - 40 (IM-group)

Last update 17.08.2019 13:04:03, Creator/Last Upload: alexandr fediv

Starting rank list of players

9IMTo Nhat Minh729019HUN2388
3IMTiba Vladyslav14118823UKR2378
8FMLarkin Vladyslav14152894UKR2366
10IMShkuran Danylo14106248UKR2349
7FMOros Robert14120666UKR2321
5FMRytenko Vsevolod14133040UKR2310
4FMVachylia Andrii14137224UKR2303
6Ramlow Marcus4624130GER2071
1Sztercsco Sztyepan4116771RUS2022
2Ganze Laszlo730475HUN1961