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Omladinsko prvenstvo Crne Gore 2019 - B20

Last update 03.07.2019 19:52:49, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank

1Cirovic Miroljub16502868MNE2226
2FMSukovic Andrej16502310MNE2219
3Alivodic Dario16501632MNE2120
4Vujovic Savo16504020MNE2093
5Pobor Danilo16502850MNE2040
6Pobor Milo16503589MNE2030
7Vuckovic Marko16501870MNE2009
8Miletic Vuk16503406MNE2007
9Mandic Stefan16501578MNE1927
10Sukovic Darko16502329MNE1827
11Draskovic Aleksandar16502027MNE1640
12Colovic Ugljesa16505689MNE0
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