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JCC Swiss

Last update 13.08.2019 18:49:32, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 75)

Starting rank

1Njoku GreatmanRSA1359
2Wany JobertRSA1286
3Kitaya Jonathan MpumpaRSA1010
4Nwafor BlessingRSA977
5Kinyamba JeremyRSA817
6Kerr-Phillips BenjaminRSA786
7Statthaler Adam GrantRSA735
8Meintjies JamiRSA718
9Statthaler JadeRSA636
10Nwafor NeoRSA591
11Nwafor ChikaodirieRSA552
12Bhima Anesu CalvinRSA0
13Duchen HannahRSA0
14Kerr-Phillips LeahRSA0
15Lewis BinyaminRSA0
16Muguyo HandsomeRSA0
17Waleza FreddyRSA0
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