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Malvern End of the Year Chess Tournament UPPER PRIMARY / FY

Last update 22.06.2019 07:19:46, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Aiden Au0Weatherill
2Alison Wong0Weatherill
3Andy Zhang Junwei0Blenheim
4Bryan Chang0Weatherill
5Carina Zhen0Elgar
6Charisse Tse0Morgan
7Clement SEN0MacLaurin
8Ethan Yu0MacLaurin
9Gillian Cao0Blenheim
10Hiro Kelly0Elgar
11Ian Lau0MacLaurin
12Isaac Yan0Weatherill
13Jasper Hin Fai Chan0MacLaurin
14Jin Chu0Blenheim
15Joshua Chu0Weatherill
16Justin Fok0Blenheim
17Kristy Liu0Morgan
18Lixiang YANG0MacLaurin
19Mei Jing Garceran Wang0Lewis
20Miguel Garceran Wang0Lewis
21Nathan Ng0Blenheim
22Rex Auyeung0Blenheim
23Ricky Yan0MacLaurin
24Rio Lai0Blenheim
25Theo Do0Lewis
26Tobias Mackay0Weatherill
27Tsz yin aston Li0Blenheim
28Yan Zhen Micheal Chen0Lewis
29Yuan Tsui0Lewis