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R&D Chess Academy Showdown & Kisko Invitational Tournament 2019 High School U-1300 Section

Last update 18.06.2019 16:47:32, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1Hare NathanJAM1294Jonathan Grant High School
2Shakes Daniel7404395JAM1267Kingston College
3Gayle Kaity7405081JAM1224St. Andrew's High School
4Mckay Justin7402864JAM1189Campion College
5Matthews Leon7402856JAM1178Ardenne High School
6Morris CavelleJAM1175Jonathan Grant High School
7Comrie Demarie7404263JAM1170Ardenne High School
8Lunan Joseph7404255JAM1161Campion College
9Lalwani KrishJAM1154Hillel Academy
10Howard Jnr Linval7402511JAM1143Kingston College
11Dennis CourtneyJAM1059Jonathan Grant High School
12Campbell RoshawnJAM1025Jonathan Grant High
13Carr Nyyokie7405120JAM916Wolmer's Girl's School
14Brown Aria-GayJAM887Jonathan Grant High
15Henry DejhoanJAM0Jonathan Grant High
16Lee DannielJAM0Jonathan Grant High
17Nesbeth ClemsonJAM0Campion College
18Phillips SannetteJAM0Wolmer's High School For Girl'
19Walters Chelci-AnnJAM0Jonathan Grant High
20Williams AntoneoJAM0Jonathan Grant High
21Williams MichaliaJAM0Convent Of Mercy Alpha
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