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Juegos de Puerto Rico 2019 Sub-14 Masculino

Last update 11.06.2019 19:57:09, Creator/Last Upload: cristobalpr

Starting rank

1Martinez Santiago Fabian N.3107744PUR1437Caguas
2Millet Nieves Armando3107302PUR1374San Juan
3Viera Perez Jean G.3105598PUR1344Humacao
4Figueroa Hernandez JustianPUR0Añasco
5Garcia Torres GonzaloPUR0Ponce
6Mendez Acevedo DiegoPUR0Añasco
7Perez Martinez BryanPUR0San Juan
8Quiñones Cintron AlanisPUR0Fajardo
9Rodriguez Medina Angel J.3105563PUR0Humacao
10Santos Vidal EduardoPUR0Guaynabo