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15th Annapurna Maitri Inter School Open Chess Competition-2076 Girls U-16

Last update 09.06.2019 11:36:03, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1B.K PoonamNEP0Tilingatar Sec. School, Dhapasi
2Baniya Neha Das12316776NEP0Annapurna HS School, Jyatha
3Chaudhary NeelimaNEP0Mission Youth Club, Dhapasi
4Kandel Sushmita12321494NEP0Annapurna HS School, Jyatha
5Lama KripaNEP0Supreme School, Swoyambhu
6Magar AakritiNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
7Mahato SaniyaNEP0Jugal School, Dhapakhel
8Neupane KaniskaNEP0Mission Youth Club, Dhapasi
9Pageni Selina12321753NEP0Triyog High School, Dhapasi
10Shrestha RebikaNEP0Puspasadan BH School, Kirtipur
11Silwal Unnati12322199NEP0Triyog High School, Dhapasi
12Thapa SajitaNEP0Asphodel Public School
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