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Last update 29.05.2019 04:19:16, Creator/Last Upload: federation nacional de ajedrez de guatemala

Starting rank

1Cu Hor WinstonGUA2313Viii Blitz Adag 2019
2Juarez F. Carlos AGUA2295Triatlon Fenag 2019
3Reyes N. Carlos A.GUA2108Viii Blitz Adag 2019
4Garcia P. DouglasGUA2079Viii Blitz Adag 2019
5Pirir DanielGUA2027Triatlon Fenag 2019
6Monzon CalixtoGUA2007Blitz 8o Fenag 2019
7Pirir Juan JoseGUA1985Triatlon Fenag 2019
8Garcia Bryan GiancarloGUA1967Blitz 7o Fenag 2019
9Valdez AlvaroGUA1917Blitz 5o Fenag 2019
10Aragon RicardoGUA1893Viii Blitz Adag 2019
11Bolaño GuillermoCUB1888Triatlon Fenag 2019
12Schmid B. StuardoGUA1886Triatlon Fenag 2019
13Muñoz HenryGUA1855Viii Blitz Adag 2019
14Jop RonaldGUA1815Triatlon Fenag 2019
15Mendez José PedroGUA1793Viii Blitz Adag 2019
16Gramajo VirgilioGUA1785Vii Blitz Adag 2019
17Santos PaoloGUA1780Triatlon Fenag 2019
18De La Cruz MaynorGUA1775Viii Blitz Adag 2019
19Zuñiga WillyGUA1752Vii Blitz Adag 2019
20Gonzalez JostinGUA1750Blitz 7o Fenag 2019
21Piedrasanta EduardoGUA1747Viii Blitz Adag 2019
22Estrada VictorGUA1727Triatlon Fenag 2019
23Carballo VictorGUA1679Triatlon Fenag 2019
24Masaya AlejandroGUA1645Triatlon Fenag 2019
25Barrios VictorGUA1631Blitz 8o Fenag 2019
26Jop LauraGUA1603Triatlon Fenag 2019
27Rodriguez PedroGUA1595Blitz 8o Fenag 2019
28Zamora HaroldGUA1592V Blitz Adag 2019
29Arreaga EmanuelGUA1580Blitz 6o Fenag 2019
30Giron MarlonGUA1578Ii Blitz Adag 2019
31Mendez RodrigoGUA1572Viii Blitz Adag 2019
32Gonzalez OrlandoGUA153518 Blitz Adag 2016
33Gonzalez DeboraGUA1504Blitz 7o Fenag 2019
34Arreaga FredyGUA1486
35Dubon JoseGUA1450Hue
36Garcia FiorellaGUA1438Vi Blitz Adag 2019
37Diaz Gustavo AdolfoGUA1400
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