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Third Saturday Djenovici MNE IM V -2019

Last update 25.05.2019 14:14:02, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

8IMNestorovic Dejan904279SRB2354
2IMFarkas Tibor933333SRB2321
6GMRajkovic Dusan900265SRB2292
5FMLyell Mark402354ENG2256
10Shyam Prasad Reddy K46681540IND2252
7WIMCervantes Landeiro Thalia3520498USA2231w
9Namini Armin1706322SWE2229
1WFMZherebtsova Alexandra24129518RUS2205w
4Andersen Alf Roger1503120NOR2182
3Nestorovic Katarina954632SRB2132w
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