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Torneo Blitz 6to. aniversario Club Jurasico de Ajedrez, 2019

Last update 12.05.2019 00:45:17, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezhonduras

Starting rank list of players

1FMColindres Daniel8400040HON2156
10Figueroa Caceres Carlos Alberto8400741HON1958
2Miliam Escobar David Isaac8401411HON1762
9Gamez Paola Tatiana8406022HON1368
3Calderon Bryan Fernando8404909HON0
4Flores Daniel8406308HON0
5Marquina Mairena Karen LizethHON0
6Marquina Mairena Leonardo EnmanuelHON0
7Nuñez Lopez José LuisHON0
8Salinas Jose Ramon8404950HON0
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