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Mother's K.I.Ds Club 2019 12 & Under Section

Last update 05.05.2019 08:57:44, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1Shaw Jaden7402880JAM1838St. Andrew Preparatory School
2CMLyn Anthony7402210JAM1549Campion College
3Dyer Armani7403054JAM1546Ardenne High School
4Hope Nathaniel7404999JAM1473St. Catherine Primary School
5Mcdonald Trinity-St.John7403674JAM1438St. Catherine Primary School
6Mckoy Arielle7403496JAM1395Campion College
7Jackson DevaughnJAM1384Ewarton Primary School
8Rampair Aidan7402562JAM1366Hillel Academy
9Griffiths Laila7404212JAM1363Bread Of Life Christian Academ
10Watson Gabriella7402538JAM1323Immaculate Conception Prep Sch
11Elridge Dashawn7403720JAM1316St. Catherine Primary School
12Brown Nijae7404140JAM1267Bread Of Life Christian Academ
13Thompson Mabruke7404018JAM1256St. Andrew Preparatory School
14Mckenzie MakaliaJAM1239Rousseau Primary
15Williams JaidenJAM1224Jessie Ripoll Primary School
16Lunan Joseph7404255JAM1161Campion College
17Ledgister XandriaJAM1117Rousseau Primary - Confirm Dob
18Maire Logan7404328JAM1103St. Andrew Preparatory School
19Foster RomaneJAM925Bread Of Life Christian Academ
20Mcfarlane StephenJAM874Wolmers Boys School
21Campbell GabriellaJAM858St. Hugh's Preparatory
22Caracciola AntoineJAM0Lanamans
23Edwards MekhiJAM0Dunrobin Primary School
24Foreman Maxi-MillionJAM0St. Jude's Primary School
25Mbwavi AaeonJAM0
26Tyme AnyaJAM0El Instituto De Mandevilla
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