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BARITA MR Games 2019 U-16 Section

Last update 28.04.2019 03:19:53, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1Chung Antonic7402287JAM1614Kingston College
2Stephenson Amy7403550JAM1606Wolmer's Girl's School
3Walsh Nathan7402465JAM1605Campion College
4Cato Khatray7403690JAM1585St. Jago High School
5Martin Shamir7404344JAM1507Glenmuir High School
6Watts Justin7404107JAM1494Ardenne High School
7Stephenson John7404409JAM1467Wolmer's Boy's School
8Sutherland Kofi7404840JAM1450St. Jago High School
9Bourne Creton7405219JAM1442Glenmuir High School - Confirm
10Bond Mikhail7402546JAM1425Ardenne High School
11Chai Leah-Ann7403950JAM1363Immaculate Conception High Sch
12Sutherland AjaniJAM1337Meadowbrook High School
13Bryce Damari7405022JAM1334St. Jago High School
14Rose Danielle7403712JAM1289St. Catherine High School
15Shakes Daniel7404395JAM1285Kingston College
16Gayle Kaity7405081JAM1179St. Andrew's High School
17Comrie Demarie7404263JAM1170Ardenne High School
18Lalwani KrishJAM1154Hillel Academy
19Hoo Kim III ErnestJAM1074Jamaica College
20Wizzard DanielJAM1046St. Jago High
21Watson Andean7403682JAM1029St. Catherine High School
22Mcnally Jordan7404980JAM1000Ardenne High School
23Mcfarlane Stephan7405154JAM995Campion College
24Mcfarlane StephenJAM874Wolmers Boys School
25Creary AkeemJAM0St. Jago High School
26Grant DavidJAM0Stony Hill Primary
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