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National InterSchool Grade Chess Championship 2019 GRADE 5 FEMALE

Last update 15.04.2019 01:17:45, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1WCMOconnor Zaina7403909JAM1306St. Theresa Preparatory School
2Higgins Brianna7405030JAM1138Harrison's Prep School
3White DesliannaJAM1092Ewarton Primary School
4Thomas OkeiraJAM1079Ewarton Primary School
5Mckay Paris7402899JAM1030St. Andrew Preparatory School
6Murray Kiera7404956JAM934Little People In Training Prep
7Warren TianaJAM903St. Hugh's Preparatory School
8Campbell GabriellaJAM815St. Hugh's Preparatory
9Stewart AlyssaJAM619Mineral Heights Primary
10Jones KelsianJAM0Ewarton Primary School
11Morris RheandraJAM0Mickleton Preparatory School
12Tulloch MirandraJAM0Mineral Heights Primary
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