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Irish Junior Championships 2019 U19

Last update 21.04.2019 14:06:36, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Carroll Peter17574IRL2111
2Melaugh Shane12055IRL2091
3Melaugh Gavin11043IRL2058
4Flynn Jacob13490IRL2000
5WFMMirza Diana10814IRL1958
6Scallan Fiachra12696IRL1926
7Plaza Reino Mercedes13538IRL1893
8Moran Darragh17528IRL1853
9Goss Alex13412IRL1771
10Putar Leon18621IRL1651
11Ni Mhuireagain Eibhia12368IRL1534
12Mihaylova Aliona17853IRL1465
13Harrington Eoin18453IRL1153
14Curran Chris18091IRL1010
15Holcroft Bailey18932IRL0
16Koush Nikita13036IRL0
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