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NBSB Pupillendag 2019 - GH

Last update 14.04.2019 15:44:28, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank

1Gang Kevin8710284NED666Eindhovense SV
2Thijssen Freek8806479NED601SV Son en Breugel
3Leenen Boyd8809306NED470SV De Combinatie
4Jilesen Pim8781839NED387HMC Den Bosch
5Bronkhorst Boaz8810065NED385SV De Raadsheer
6Zhang Yourui Eric8746727NED236Eindhovense SV
7Engels Devy8843901NED0B.S.V. Bergen op Zoom
8Epker Maarten8848972NED0SV De Raadsheer
9Eryilmaz Aren8845210NED0Best Moves
10Gang Luke Wan Cheng8850776NED0Best Moves
11Omnes Tiago8852580NED0HMC Den Bosch
12Sterke Merijn8817325NED0Best Moves