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National InterSchool Grade Chess Championship 2019 GRADE 5 ABSOLUTE

Last update 15.04.2019 01:17:19, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

Starting rank

1Smart Jaheim7403917JAM1437Lannaman's Preparatory School
2Stewart ChristopherJAM1433St. Jude's Primary School
3Mahtani Rohit7404565JAM1407Hopefield Prep School
4Mcdonald Trinity-St.John7403674JAM1401St. Catherine Primary School
5Elridge Dashawn7403720JAM1338St. Catherine Primary School
6Grant Jahvier7403879JAM1329St. Richard's Primary School
7Porter Steve7403780JAM1257St. Catherine Primary School
8Brown Nijae7404140JAM1253Bread Of Life Christian Academ
9Williams JaidenJAM1207Jessie Ripoll Primary
10Peterkin ZadariJAM1102Marlie Mount Primary
11Callum ZeenasJAM1083Lorna Otto Preparatory
12Lawrence KennethJAM1081Bright Begginings
13White AdamJAM1058Hillel Academy
14West Jaequon7404247JAM1049Bread Of Life Christian Academ
15Johnson KhalilJAM1044St. Theresa Preparatory School
16Gordon KevaughnJAM1020Mineral Heights Primary
17Easy TevaughnJAM1012Ewarton Primary School
18Azan NaseefJAM960Bread Of Life Christian Academ
19Clarke LashawnJAM934Ewarton Primary School
20Edwards DavilleJAM908Ewarton Primary School
21Watson SeanJAM729Mineral Heights Primary
22Belani DhruvJAM0Harrison's Preparatory School
23Blake JadierJAM0Ewarton Primary School
24Davis TajaeJAM0Ewarton Primary School
25Defreitas PaytonJAM0Stella Maris Prep. School
26Grant MichealJAM0Ewarton Primary School
27Morrison JoshuaJAM0
28Mundy TahirJAM0St. Jude's Primary School
29Murphy CurtisJAM0Ewarton Primary School
30Sinclair GeordanJAM0Mineral Heights Primary
31Thomas MaximJAM0Emmanuel Christian Academy
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