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U14 Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2019

Last update 21.04.2019 19:14:50, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Rousis Chrysostomos5902860CYP1571Nicosia Chess Club
2Rouvas Kyriakos5905249CYP1365O.FI.S.
3Theocharous Vassilis5903130CYP1364Larnaca Chess Club
4Ioannides Liu Alice5904374CYP1271PA.SY.D.Y.-Nicosia
5Biolkini Alexandr5903556CYP1235Limassol Chess Club
6Bahlai Vladislav5905575CYP1215Limassol Chess Club
7Sarrous Konstantinos5905788CYP1142O.FI.S.
8Aristidou Dimitris5905753CYP1126O.FI.S.
9Sideris Giorgos5903629CYP1112Limassol Chess Club
10Christophi GeorgeCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
11Ciuca Valentinos5905397CYP0Famagusta Chess Club
12Frankeskides AndreasCYP0Arion Chess Club
13Ivanov NinoCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
14Lebedev PeterCYP0
15Pakkoutis Andreas5905419CYP0Famagusta Chess Club
16Polyakov Stepan5905710CYP0Pafos Chess Club
17Sardalos GiorgosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
18Tatarinov Egor5905699CYP0
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