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U18 Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2019

Last update 21.04.2019 19:14:59, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1AIMHadjinicolaou Andreas5901103CYP1713Famagusta Chess Club
2Pantelides Loizos5903173CYP1327O.FI.S.
3Kirkos Andreas5904927CYP1274O.FI.S.
4Popov Gennadios5904650CYP1207Pafos Chess Club
5Theodoulou Christos5903840CYP1140Famagusta Chess Club
6Georgiou KyriakosCYP0
7Ntzagidis NikolasCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
8Sotiriou YiannisCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
9Stoyanov MomchilCYP0Larnaca Chess Club
10Stratis OrestisCYP0Arion Chess Club
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