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U8 Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2019

Last update 21.04.2019 19:13:56, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Artemis SotirisCYP0Pafos Chess Club
2Biskas Giorgos25886150CYP0Famagusta Chess Club
3Borodich MiroslavCYP0
4Chatzakou IlianaCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
5Daniil ChristodoulosCYP0Limassol Chess Club
6Iacovou OrestisCYP0O.FI.S.
7Ioannou AndreasCYP0Arion Chess Club
8Kramvis CharisCYP0O.FI.S.
9Lioudakis Constantinos-NicolasCYP0Arion Chess Club
10Lomadze AleksandrCYP0Pafos Chess Club
11Maifoshi MirsiniCYP0Arion Chess Club
12Ntzagidis DimitrisCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
13O'Mahoney PavlosCYP0Arion Chess Club
14Pafitis ChristosCYP0Arion Chess Club
15Pakkoutis MarinosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
16Pataisias ErmogenisCYP0
17Patsalos MichalisCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
18Pissarides LeonidasCYP0Nicosia Chess Club
19Psaras TilemachosCYP0Arion Chess Club
20Sarkisian Aikaterina5905265CYP0Pafos Chess Club
21Tsakalidis Gkrek Marios25892932CYP0Pafos Chess Club
22Yiannakis AlexisCYP0Arion Chess Club
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