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Third Saturday Djenovici MNE IM III -2019

Last update 23.03.2019 13:18:02, Creator/Last Upload: montenegro chess federation

Starting rank list of players

10GMNikcevic Nebojsa901776MNE2429
5FMGungl Theo24695653GER2369
8GMAbramovic Bosko900206SRB2362
9FMPecurica Milos944963MNE2351
1IMSarkar Justin2010011USA2330
7FMDudin Gleb34184934RUS2321
6Andersen Alf Roger1503120NOR2269
2WFMCholleti Sahajasri5045118IND2231
4Kisic Bozidar16500350MNE2208
3FMDimitrijeski Boris Dr.4638689GER2200