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Crans-Montana Semi-rapide 2019

Last update 24.09.2019 22:50:21, Creator/Last Upload: cransmontana

Starting rank

1Amos Jean-Daniel1327933SUI1875Crans-Montana C.E.C.
2Tabin René1315900SUI1820Sierre
3Pellaton Fernand1312740SUI1782Sierre
4Tapparel Christian1335502SUI1781Sion Club
5Simic Zivan1316737SUI1747Crans-Montana C.E.C.
6Krestev William1335464SUI1706Crans-Montana C.E.C.
7Fayolle GérardSUI1698Sierre Cercle D'echecs Et D'ar
8Gander Daniel1331779SUI1656Crans-Montana C.E.C.
9Bojkovic Zoran1320165SUI1651Crans-Montana C.E.C.
10Zermatten Jean-ClaudeSUI1386Crans-Montana C.E.C.
11Udry Luc1335510SUI1355Crans-Montana C.E.C.
12Wallerbosch RudiSUI1328Crans-Montana C.E.C.
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