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All Pakistan Inter University Chess Championship - Blitz

Darrera actualització31.01.2019 13:10:14, Creador/Darrera càrrega: pakistan chess federation

Rànquing inicial

1Tehreem ElizehPAK0Iqra University
2. MehwishPAK0Mehran University
3. NayabPAK0Iqra University
4. NilofarPAK0Mehran University
5Rana RabiaPAK0University of Lahore
6Bisma SyedaPAK0SBKWU, Queeta
7Zahid ZainabPAK0SBKWU, Quetta
8Amjad AnamPAK0University of Lahore
9Javed BushraPAK0UVAS