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Fake Irish Seniors

Last update 19.01.2019 22:41:20, Creator/Last Upload: tim harding

Starting rank

1FMMoss Robin BW401331ENG2289
2Doyle ** Anthony2500329IRL2210
3Wallace Paul2500892IRL2133
4O'Connell Gerard2500493IRL2120
5CMHarding ** Tim D2500256IRL2031
6CMMacElligott Gerard2500647IRL2009
7Duffy Seamus2501708IRL1958
8McCarthy Tim2500710IRL1958
9Cafolla Peter2500884IRL1953
10O'Dwyer Fergal2500272IRL1928
11Salter David2501988IRL1900
12Jackson ** Peter D2502593IRL1856
13Bermingham ** Tony2504103IRL1841
14Killane ** Jack2500949IRL1839
15Murphy Sean2503778IRL1838
16Twomey ** Pat2501937IRL1800
17Fitzsimons Pat2502256IRL1785
18Murray ** Jim G2501490IRL1785
19Coldrick ** Art2502356IRL1777
20Lohan ** Martin2512726IRL1735
21Loughran John2501562IRL1731
22Deneher Jimmy2509008IRL1730
23Scott ** Peter2504405IRL1723
24O'Daly Liam2512350IRL1722
25Lynch ** Peter J2501252IRL1702
26Scott ** Shay2504413IRL1604
27O'Shea ** Paschal2511568IRL1603
28Whelan Niall P2500809IRL1601
29Maher ** John2501279IRL1592
30Donohoe ** Eugene2502445IRL1579
31Durkan ** Joe2508737IRL1550
32Burgisser ** Claude656801FRA1547
33Dempsey ** Dennis2502437IRL1524
34O'Connell ** Michael Joseph2507676IRL1493
35Fitzpatrick Kevin2505886IRL1418
36Reynolds David W2512483IRL1386
37Martin Desmond2506815IRL1337
38Dimitrov Nikolai2511649IRL1328
39Barry Suzanne2507323IRL1252
40Quill Patrick2505177IRL1098
41Cadogan Liam368180086IRL731
42Roselli AngeloIRL0
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