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National Youth Under 14 Absolute 2019

Last update 06.01.2019 16:40:57, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 1)

Starting rank

1Ramdass Jonathan7705875TTO1219
2Munroe-Brown Brad7703260TTO1164
3Maharaj Keshav7705743TTO1161
4Yearwood Sheldon7703287TTO1160
5Chin Peter7704755TTO0
6Jaggernath MarkTTO0
7Lackhai Tristan7704780TTO0
8Ly Fook Nicholas7705204TTO0
9Mahadeo Amir7706367TTO0
10Maharaj Sanat7705085TTO0
11Malzar WilliamTTO0
12Mohammed Kiran7706553TTO0
13Patrick John7706588TTO0
14Ragoobar Keagan7705212TTO0
15Rampersad Akash Chad7704763TTO0
16Sampath Aditya7705905TTO0
17Sampath Avidesh7706618TTO0
18Seepaul AaronTTO0
19Sinanan Ryan TravisTTO0
20Sookdeo Tristan7705093TTO0
21Sookoor Sameer7703937TTO0
22Toppin Jonathan7705921TTO0
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