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National Youth Under 12 Absolute 2019 - old version

Last update 05.01.2019 18:09:59, Creator/Last Upload: trinidad and tobago ca (licence 1)

Starting rank

1CMRampersad Rayden7704100TTO1208
2La Fleur Juninho7705417TTO1189
3Chaitram Aaron7705026TTO1108
4Balliram Luke7705700TTO0
5Barrington Christiano7706456TTO0
6Bharath Sameer7705832TTO0
7Clement MarleyTTO0
8Durham ElijahTTO0
9Eugene JaleelTTO0
10Forde Ancil Jr.TTO0
11Gillette James7705859TTO0
12Guielmo IsaiahTTO0
13James EthanTTO0
14Joseph Sanjiv7706022TTO0
15Marcelline AkeelTTO0
16martin joshuaTTO0
17Medina JoshuaTTO0
18Raj CaesenTTO0
19Ramdhial Jaden7705891TTO0
20Rampersad Saiesh7706596TTO0
21Ready Christopher7706421TTO0
22Roopchan Javier7706057TTO0
23Toussaint TyriqueTTO0